The raven cat watching from the bloodmist (ravenbloodmist) wrote in little_cafe,
The raven cat watching from the bloodmist

Goodreads will loose Amazon as a database resort

I don´t know if anybody has noticed, but on January the 30th goodreads won´t be able to use Amazon as a database anymore. This can affect books, audio books, ebooks, graphic novels & mangas. So goodreads needs the help of it´s users (that mean us, folks!). If you got a librarian status, please check if there are books in your goodreads that might be deleted & complete the goodreads dat with the help of your own copies at home. If you have not a librarian status, but know books in your goodreads shelf with incomplete data (no right isbn, language, author), please leave a post on the goodreads message board. Your books need you!
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